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The Vault Necklace

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The Vault Necklace
This necklace is inspired by cathedral architecture. Specifically, the vaulted ceilings and peaks of the buildings.Something about this design screams warrior to me. A warrior of the the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps. Like the arches in the buildings, it represents strength and beauty. The geometric lines and clean points just feel so empowering and overflow with feelings of vitality.

The Vault pendant is attached to the necklace by a hand-forged hinge or 'pinned' setting. The hinge setting is so fun and satisfying to play or twiddle with--the perfect beautiful and minimal accessory to keep your fingers busy.

Made from solid 925 Sterling Silver and given a rough matte/satin finish reminiscent of the stones of ancient cathedral buildings.

These necklaces were created for my JULY 27th 2020, 12:00 PM Central Standard Time Cathedral Collection Release!

Chain Style: Round Rolo Chain. This necklace features a Round Rolo Chain. The links that make up Rolo Chain are created from semi-round wire so that each link is wider than the wire thickness. This style of chain is heavy duty and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, while still retaining a delicate and minimal look.

Sold per necklace.

- 100% Handmade in the USA.
- Ready to ship.
- Entire pendant measures approximately 29mm x 47mm.
- Necklace is adjustable from 16 inches to 18 Inches long.
- Necklace is made entirely from solid 925 Sterling Silver.