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Our Favorite Jewelry: Aliyah's Picks


Hello world my name is Aliyah. I work for Melanie and am very involved in making the jewelry and packaging. A little about me is I’m an art student about to get my BFA hoping to go on to grad school. I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of the jewelry making process and how to make my art into jewelry. I personally love the way one piece of jewelry can connect people together for generations. These are a few of my favorites and why I hope this list helps you decide on what piece of jewelry you’ll love forever!

My art instagram is: @Jade_art_77

I post my adventures on new jewelry I’m learning to make or funny behind the scenes things we do for fun on slow days.

The Sequin Chain Necklace is one of my favorites not only because it’s shiny but because it’s lightweight and can go with most of my everyday outfits. Personally I love the simplistic look; it just adds that little extra sparkle in my appearance and can take my ordinary outfit from boring to the perfect outfit. It’s like the finishing highlights on a painting or the clear gloss on the paint of your nails.


The Sun Burst Endless Hoop Earrings also are one of my favorites not just because they look good on me. It’s because they have an interesting design of how the sun is turned into a functional earring. As an art student I find that when the uses of utilitarianism and art come together you can create not only art but art you can use which in my opinion is amazing. Besides that I love the look of simplicity but with its own little flare to where it's not too plain but it's a guarantee that you won’t see anything quite like it. Then adding the matching necklace to the mix makes the perfect power set of jewelry.


Love You to the Moon & Back Disc Necklace was the perfect gift for my mom and grandma. They loved not only the denty look but the clean look of the engraving. In my family for as long as I can remember my mom and grandma have always said they loved me to the moon and back and sometimes even beyond that. So this saying while it might sound cliche has so much sentimental meaning to it. My mom and grandma both were so moved to tears when they saw what it said on it and now wear this necklace everyday since I gave it to them. I’m so grateful this piece of Jewelry was able to give me an even deeper connection with them. I'll cherish that moment forever.


The Giant Heart Dangle Earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day while a bit flashy they are still simplistic and elegant. I personally love hearts any day of the year to the point that my glasses and earrings are heart shaped. With the size of the earrings they really get people's attention on how cute they look. The perfect Valentine’s Day vibes whether you're at home or out on the town celebrating with your loved one.


Personalized Morse Code Bar Necklace has to be in my top ten favorites because of the personalization aspect of the necklace. This is perfect for a secret message to my boyfriend, friends, or family. A necklace so simple turns into this fun little secret only we know. Plus I can choose any metal from sterling silver , gold fill, and rose gold to fit with anyone's style as far as what kind of jewelry they usually wear. The combinations of phrases and metal make it the most personalized jewelry you can have.

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