Striped Green Onyx Agate Gemstone Earrings

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These gorgeous earrings are the perfect any-time earrings, with a little sparkle and a lot of oomph! Striped green Onyx Agate gemstones have been set in handmade settings for a fun and modern look with top filigree borders.
Green Onyx, like Black Onyx, is a type of opaque chalcedony, and is arguably more correctly called green agate. According to folklore, green onyx conveyed powerful protection against dark magic.

- 100% Handmade in the USA.
- Ready to ship.
- Gemstones measure 13mm x 20mm.
- Earrings measure approximately 1.5 inches long, including the earwire.
- Earrings are made entirely from Sterling Silver and Green Onyx Agate gemstones.