Pinned Red Jasper Necklace

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I created this necklace from a gorgeous Red Jasper gemstone. Beautiful, natural, and raw. The colorful red and brown patterns are fresh and earthy. The Jasper is set within a carefully crafted 'pinned' or 'hinge' setting.

Chain Style: Round Snake Chain. Traditional unseamed snake chain is made from round, curved metal bands tightly joined together, creating a subtle zig-zag effect along the length of the chain. Red Jasper is an opaque, microcrystalline variety of Quartz with large, grainy crystals. It occurs in nodules or as fillings in fissures and may be found all over the world. Its vibrant red to terracotta red-brown is due to high iron content, and may contain other minerals or impurities that create rich patterns.

- 100% Handmade in the USA.
- Ready to ship.
- Jasper measures about 25mm x 40mm.
- Necklace measures 30 inches long.
- Necklace is made entirely from solid Sterling Silver and a Red Jasper gemstone.