The October birthstone is Opal!  Here are some quick, fun facts about this unique and colorful gemstone.

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  • The origin of the name Opal is derived from the Latin word "opalus" which means "a stone"
  • Opal is the birthstone of the month of October which relates to the Zodiac Sign of Libra. Libra dates: September 24 - October 23
  • Opals are not as fragile as most people believe.  Opals are about has hard as a piece of glass.
  • The majority of Opals are mined in Australia.  Opals can also be found in Mexico, Africa, Brazil, and the United States.
  • The "color play" in Opals is caused by tiny silica pieces in the gem that diffract light entering the stone.
  • Opal comes in the following colors: colorless, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, gray, brown, and black.

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